Vintage Bagpipes

On occasion, we have vintage sets of bagpipes for sale. In preparation for sale, they will be carefully and gently restored to leave them in perfect condition but without ruining the antique look or sound that makes these pipes what they are.

If you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we will try our best to help.

Selling? We are interested in buying all makes of vintage pipes. If you have a set that you wish to sell, please contact us with details.

Robert Gillanders, imitation ivory and nickel

Set of blackwood pipes by Robert Gillanders.  Name is stamped (R. Gillanders) in two of the cord guides.  I’m not sure of the exact date of manufacture but it is definitely pre-1972 when the company became Gillanders & MacLeod.  Possibly as early as mid-1950s.

Imitation ivory in good condition but for a few scratches here and there.  One tenor top ringcap has a chip and the bass drone bush has been replaced as some point.  Both of these are visible in the pictures.  One tenor drone cord guide must have been damaged and repaired by the previous owner but not brilliantly done so still visible – see picture also.

Other than the cosmetic issues mentioned above, this is a very good set of pipes.  Upon the first time playing them, I was very much surprised by how good they were, and would be more than happy to continue playing them myself.  Very easy to reed up and tune, and very stable also.  The volume couldn’t be described as huge, but it’s certainly not quiet either.  A nicely balanced tone.

As shown, sticks and stocks only - £600.00


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